Sunday, February 20, 2011

No pictures after all, my camera battery needs to be charged and I have misplaced (I hope) the charger!  No surprise to any who know me well...  I've added a new link over on the right side of the blog, to Sliekje's Digi Stamps.  Sliekje designs wonderful stamps and gives them away!  You will enjoy them if you're interested in such things!
Hello!  Still very cold here, but sunny with a few clouds.  Last night we had dinner out in the country with friends, at the base of the Sweetgrass Hills.  Yes, just a mile or so from where my schoolhouse used to sit...  We headed home right before midnight in a light snowfall, this one the very dry powder kind.  It looked like diamonds dropping from the sky.  There isn't anything much more beautiful than that!  I know you would have all been cold, but you would have loved it if you had been here with us!

Not too much going on here today, just making sure the pellet stove keeps burning.  It really is nice.  I should get my grades done (lol) and then I could head up to the craft room.  Guess I should take my own hint, shouldn't I?

Hope the rest of you are warmer than we are, and having a great day!