Monday, June 20, 2011

Santa in June!

I just love Christmas!  And I am really enjoying making Christmas cards.  I haven't sent many for several years (I'm really very, very lazy) but guess I'll have to this year, since I will have a nice supply of cards.  Hope my husband's family won't all hate me, almost none of his brothers/sisters-in-law send cards.  (Have I mentioned that he comes from a large family, 10 kids?)  But they'll have to forgive me.  I wonder whether I'll keep this up for many years.  Hope so!

Now, the truth is that this is one of those take things from your stash and put it all together.  Santa and the backgrounds are all leftovers from last Christmas.  Santa is actually a tag that has writing on the back.  I just couldn't bear to throw him out!  Hate to use things like that just once.  I think they recycled quite well!

I'm also trying to organize my craft room, again.  Seems like it needs it every two or three days.  I'm way messy, which you can tell before you ever get to the craft room.  One of my goals this summer to CLEAN up the stuff everywhere.  I feel like I'm drowning!   So my living room has to come first.  My family (especially my husband) thinks any flat surface was put there by God for his to leave stuff on.  Old mail, newspapers, VFW club paperwork, I never know what to do with much of it...  So I've given him fair warning, and whatever is left is going out the door!  Oh, that sounds good.  Wonder if I can actually do it?

And I am working in my craft room.  I have scrounged every old CD case I can find for my clear stamps, and tonight I started making covers for them.  Boy, you are all right that it really helps!  I can quickly see what is in each case instead of having to look through each one by itself.  Thanks for the ideas!  You are all wonderful.