Wednesday, July 13, 2011

  I missed posting yesterday because it was my anniversary.  When my husband came home he announced that he had been able to get the evening shift off (he was supposed to cover for his coworker, again...)and that we were going out to dinner.  Which necessitated a shower, fixing my hair, changing clothes, etc. because I do NOT dress well during the summer when I'm out of school.  In fact, the older I get, the sloppier I seem to become.  The happier, also!  Anyway, it was our 36th anniversary!  I can remember when I couldn't even imagine being married this long, and here it is.  Funny that I'm about to turn 60 also, and I'm getting those "old lady" comments from younger people who do not know me (those who do would never dare to say those things to me, lol) but I don't feel anywhere this old.  Let that be a hint to all of you who are much younger, first that this arrives while you're not looking, and second that we just are not old at 60 the way women especially used to be.  I feel about 20 years younger than my mom was when she turned 60, thank goodness!   

This is just a quick card I made for my daughter.  I saw the sentiment in my cling stamp set from and immediately thought about this joyful little chick.  I just love it.

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