Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday

I had the chance to play around with a new file from SVGcutting.  Lots of fun!  I love trying new things, and was extremely pleased with how easily this went together;  It made a great tube holder, though that was not its original purpose.  It also contained a gift card, so I placed a patterned paper behind the stripe openings.

Isn't that cute?  There is no bling except for a tiny bit on the flame and the flower.  Everything else is the patterned card stock I used,so this really was very simple.

Spring is here!  Birds chirping, allergy sneezes, heavy winds and a skiff of snow last night.  Notice I did not mention daffodils or tulips.  It's several weeks to early for them.  There's a little green grass peeking out, but very little.  Farmers are chomping at the bit, trying to get to planting.  They're growing field peas, which need to go in soon so that they can begin planting wheat and barley.  A few have been able to begin, but the fields are generally too wet still.  If the snow would go away the wind should take care of the moisture.  And if wishes were horses...  But Spring is here, and planting will get done, and we'll continue with the cycle of the seasons.  Thank goodness.

Hope you all enjoy a blessed Easter!  Or if not, a very happy Spring day!