Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Those of you who know me well probably think I've got heat stroke or something because you see that title.  This is a birthday card for a sports lover (i.e. nut??).  I am actually not into sports much, almost not at all!  The cut out is clipart, isn't he cute?  I just couldn't resist using him.  The cloud paper is from TLC I think, hope so anyway.  I love it.

  The baseball on the inside is on a homemade action wobble.  That was fun to make!  I am hand writing in this card since it is for a brother-in-law's 60th birfthday...  Don't know what yet.  (lol)  I do have to be a bit careful here, since he's actually only a little older than I am.  Which is my tactful way to say that I'll be 60 soon also.  Wow!

Hope you like this card for a man, always an interesting thing to make.

Have a great day!