Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a week!  It has been COLD here, record setting, down to about 35 BELOW Thursday night, and then jumped up to about 20 above today.  That's a 50 degree difference in less than 48 hours.  Even for us that's pretty amazing!  I keep hearing that people are beginning to see signs of spring, but that's certainly not in Montana! 

No picture, still no camera batteries.  I spent my time today learning to make a simple card on the new Make-the-Cut software I bought almost 2 weeks ago.  I've been putting it off.  Once I bought it I decided I was afraid of it!  How silly. Don't know why I do that to myself.  Anyway, it was actually quite easy to make a basic cut using it, and I ended up with a cute card for a guy.  Maybe for my husband's birthday next month?  We'll see...  Tomorrow I'll try something a little more complicated.  I've been watching some videos and think I can take it a step farther.  It is still a little intimidating, though.I haven't been really out of town in a couple of weeks because of the weather.  A trip to Great Falls is beginning to look pretty good!  Anyway, I think I'll try to make another card tomorrow, or cut something, anyway.  I'll have to get my son to put new batteries in his camera and let me use it.  Mine used only a particular camera battery, who knew what a pain that would turn out to be! 

Meanwhile, baking ought to be nice tomorrow.  It should warm the house up nicely.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I want to say "Thank you!" to Melissa at for her inspiration.  I love the layout, colors and use of embossing on her cute card.  I immediately had to hear to my craft room and try something similar.  It really didn't turn out that way, but I do like this card.  It was a lot of fun to put together!  I apologize that the color isn't better.  It is too cold to hunt through the vehicles hoping to find my recharger, so I borrowed a camera.

Still very cold here in northern Montana.  The poor weatherman is almost embarrassed to give his report every night.  We heard that the groundhog saw his shadow, but nobody here believes it...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

No pictures after all, my camera battery needs to be charged and I have misplaced (I hope) the charger!  No surprise to any who know me well...  I've added a new link over on the right side of the blog, to Sliekje's Digi Stamps.  Sliekje designs wonderful stamps and gives them away!  You will enjoy them if you're interested in such things!
Hello!  Still very cold here, but sunny with a few clouds.  Last night we had dinner out in the country with friends, at the base of the Sweetgrass Hills.  Yes, just a mile or so from where my schoolhouse used to sit...  We headed home right before midnight in a light snowfall, this one the very dry powder kind.  It looked like diamonds dropping from the sky.  There isn't anything much more beautiful than that!  I know you would have all been cold, but you would have loved it if you had been here with us!

Not too much going on here today, just making sure the pellet stove keeps burning.  It really is nice.  I should get my grades done (lol) and then I could head up to the craft room.  Guess I should take my own hint, shouldn't I?

Hope the rest of you are warmer than we are, and having a great day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, here goes nothing.  Jessi and I spent 4 days crafting together and ended up wishing there were a better way to share the things we make with each other.  We want to invite any of you who wish to do the same.  It's so much more fun to share with people you know and love.

Right now I'm into papercrafting, including cardmaking, scrapbooking and other things.  Of course there is still sewing, and I have a dresser full of fabric and so forth to prove it.  I will admit, however, that I am really loving working with paper.  I have always loved the tactile sensations from different kinds of paper and am fascinated by folding and constructing with it.  I bought my first Cricut cutter in August, 2010 (last summer) and was instantly hooked.  That little machine now resides in my classroom where it is used by one student regularly and others as needed.  In November my lovely husband bought me the Cricut Expression (if you're concerned about colors, which I am not, it's the plum version).  Wow!  I just love it.  I haven't bought a single card since then, made several Christmas presents, and could easily play around every day.  I have jokingly told my husband that he'll have to get a new camper, one of the toy-hauler variety that has a garage.  He can put his motorcycle in part of the garage, but I'm going to retrofit the rest into my craft-room-away-from-home.  Surprise, he looked at me like I had grown a third eye in the middle of my forehead!  lol

Okay, one more thing.  I plan to post pictures as often as possible of things I make.  Those I post today were made from August until now.  Unfortunately I didn't keep pictures of everything.  There were several that I wish I had photo-ed.  Oh, well!  An old lady is allowed to forget some things!