Monday, March 14, 2011

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I can't believe I still don't have anything to show for my time.   I got a lot of pieces cut this weekend, but the only think I actually finished was a sheet of red cardstock arrows (about 25 in varying sizes) for a student's poster project.  She is completing the project for her presentation to the Montana State FCCLA convention in Billings later this week.  (If you don't know about FCCLA, check it out!  It's really a great organization for kids who are interested in technical and vocational careers.)   I hope the arrows will help her win!

Anyway, it has been rather crazy around here.  First, on Friday, my brother-in-law (a bachelor who lives next door) fell on the ice and broke his leg.  The ambulance took him to Cut Bank, 45 miles away (no doctor here in town), and my husband and I followed.  Then after the x-rays were read by a doctor in Kalispell (3 HOURS away) we loaded him into our car and drove him to the hospital there.  After a night in observation he's staying with another brother-in-law over there until the swelling goes down enough to do surgery.  Because the break is bad and a bone has to be removed from ANOTHER piece of bone that it was driven into (yuck!) they will have to open the leg and after cleaning up, will put a plate in, too much damage for a simple pin!.  Then he'll come home.  It's his driving leg, so he's out of work and off his feet for a while.  Hope he doesn't go crazy!!!  Maybe this will convince him to get his satellite or cable TV hooked up???

We didn't get home until after 8 o'clock that night.  My hubby was up at his regular time (5:00) Saturday morning for work.  I'm afraid that there was quite a bit of napping going on around here in the afternoon.  And then the time change, and a little housework, and all in all I didn't accomplish much!  I hope to get home early enough tomorrow to have some crafting time.  I'd like to see what I come up with when I get things put together!

We are finally getting some warm weather (lots of wind, also).  Hope you are all able to enjoy the first hints of Spring.  Isn't it wonderful?