Monday, November 19, 2012


Hello!  Sorry this picture is blurry.  I've been out of town for several days and took this with my iPhone after I finished it in my motel room.  I never travel without some of my card-making goodies.  I love curling up with an image to color and one of the 6x6 pads to make the card with.  Makes being away from home not so difficult.

The cute image is another from the now defunct Pollycraft.  I'm SO glad I caught their going-out-of-business sale!  These are the images I seem to come back to over and over even though I have oodles and oodles of other cute ones.  I'm really going to have to branch out eventually.

One more picture before I get ready for work.  This is my wonderful travel bag.  I picked it up at Sears in the hardware department because it has so many wonderful nooks and crannies and because it is exactly big enough for 12x12 papers!  The only problem with it is that if I'm not careful it weighs tons!!!

Hope you'll all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and find a few minutes to relax and remember your blessings.  We are all so fortunate!  My husband and I are traveling to Portland, OR to celebrate with our daughter, something to be thankful for in itself.  She lived too far away for short visits for about 8 years, so I am thankful every time we are able to go.  And I am thankful that my sister is able to have Mom over for Thanksgiving this year.  Mom is so much better since moving into a new home close to my sister's house.  It is a minor miracle. (Can any miracle be minor?)


Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello, everyone.  I expected to post at least one project today, but that just didn't work out.  It has been so cold here that I spent the day just trying to stay warm.  It was 17 degrees below zero at 8:30 this morning!  Of course, we are practically in Canada, and it is time for some cold weather, but this has come straight from the Arctic.  We got about 10 inches of snow on Thursday which isn't so unusual for this time of year, but that cold is.  We have our pellet stove running constantly and I baked brownies and two batches of cookies to keep the kitchen warm.  It's hard in an older house without lots of insulation.  Thank goodness we re-did the insulation in the living room this summer!

Anyway, I'm not crying, but I did want to post this picture to show you what's happening here.  Don't suppose we'll  be lucky enough that this will be the worst storm of the winter?  Ha!!!

Seems like the entire country is suffering from weather-related problems.  As miserable as this cold is, it could certainly be lots worse!  I only hope things are settling down for all you back East, and you're getting things back to normal.  Thinking about that really helps me keep things in perspective.

Have a safe, warm, and dry week!