Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Apple for the (Student) Teacher

Tomorrow is my student teacher's last day.  I've used Locker Talk and Cricut Classic Font cartridges  to put together my card.  The colors are terrible, don't know why.  Should be tan paper with black and red!  My students would really hoot at the pink letters.  The sun over the school represents our town name, Sunburst.  I cut the tall school from Locker Talk, then cut it down because it really does resemble our building this way.  Have I said I live in a very small town, about 400 residents?  This should give you some idea of how small we really are.

The inside of the card has lots of room for students and teachers to write notes on, it is one 12x12 piece of paper.  There is no sentiment because I plan to have another teacher hand letter the apple with "An Apple for the Teacher" tomorrow morning.  I do NOT do hand lettering myself (I love my Cricut!).  I think it will serve the purpose anyway, and the kids will enjoy it.  That's really all I care about.

Have a great day!