Sunday, June 19, 2011


That's right, a very silly card!  But I couldn't resist when I saw this digi cat...  I added EEK! for the mouse,  my sister will love it.  Actually, I might make another for my mom later on...  Nothing fancy, but I really love it!

Well, my sweet hubby is celebrating Father's Day by sending me away!!!  No, not really, but I'll be jumping on the train in about 2 hours for a 17 hour ride to Portland to stay with my daughter.  She unexpectedly has a week off and we'll have about 5 days to play around, the weatherman is predicting nice weather, I can't clean house (can you tell that I absolutely hate housework?), I think I'm the big winner here...  However, hubby and our son have some plans to do a little hiking while I'm gone, and the weather is supposed to warm up here by the end of the week (wouldn't that be nice to come home to!), so they'll have a great time also.  I'll take the train part of the way home next Friday and meet hubby with our camper on the other side of the mountains where we'll spend a couple of days.  Sounds like summer!!!

Have a lovely week.