Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello, crafty friends! I'm away from home for a few days, just thought I should say thank you to all those who have visited me lately. I am having loads of fun visiting your blogs in return. Isn't this a great way to find new friends and ideas? Hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am, and thanks again to K Andrews for the idea of a Link Up Party.

I am currently in Billings, Montana at a conference on special education and gifted education. This is always an interesting conference, this is the 9th year I have attended. This year many of the workshops deal with Autism because this is such a hot topic in special ed. at the moment. You can never know enough! I am also taking some workshops on using technology since I need to help my high school students learn as many of the new technologies as they may need to find and keep a job. I enjoy this. In fact, I have learned enough from our blogging that I'm thinking about trying a blog when school starts again in August. I think I might convince some students to write comments because they might not realize that they are actually writing. Could be interesting! Now, if I could just convince my coworkers that they need to learn this new stuff. I am appalled at how many of them (in my age group, almost 60, and even younger) think they don't have to learn. What a shame! I wish I could just tell them to quit now... I am a little short on patience, maybe?

I'll be back sometime early next week! Enjoy.