Friday, June 12, 2015

Guest Designer

I am the guest designer at MySheri Crafts today.  What a nice surprise!  I have made a Center Step Card, one of the fancy folds that I so enjoy.  

Unfortunately, we have gray, cloudy skies today, and since this is already a dark house it was hard to get great photos.  Hope you can see well enough.  The sentiment doesn't show well, I'm sorry.   I am not sure where it or the sand dollar came from, but the rest of the shells are from Creative Pointe.  I was amazed at how well they cut!

 I used Core d'nations Cardmakers Cardstock in Pearl for everything except my sentiment.  It has a lovely pearly sheen to it and I discovered that not only does it cut easily but it also prints well.  My card base was cut from a piece that I printed first in ocean looking pattern.  All I also used a variety of other papers for the shells, mixing for color and texture.

I don't remember where I got the sketch of the ship, but I used my Cameo and sketch pens to draw it...  I do not draw anything (except a couple of cartoons that I've perfected for my classrom, wows the kids!).

Thanks for looking, and thanks to My Sheri Crafts for this opportunity.  I agonized over this card, but had lots of fun with it once I finally decided what to do!

Have a Great Summer Day!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Graduation Day!

Today is the day my great-nephew graduates from high school.  He's been living with us since December, so I'm much more involved than you might have expected.  Our house is pretty much full of relatives already, with lot more on the way, a mini-reunion of sorts.  This is a family that loves an excuse to get together!

It is much harder to make a card for a special guy than for a girl, but I finally found a way to get it done.  He's quite a basketball player, so this is what I came up with.

I grabbed files from a variety of places, including Miss Kate Cuttables, PPPR, and the internet, and the background paper from Create with TLC.  We are so lucky to have so many great designers to choose from!

The sentiment seemed perfect for this kid, he's learning his lessons all the hard way (as do many of us), but he's well on the way to figuring it all out.  I wanted to put an Action Wobble behind the ball, but in all the chaos my supplies are very out of order and I had to settle for foam dots. That made a nice little pocket to slide the money into, which actually seems very clever.  How nice that I noticed it!

One more week of school and I'll also be out and "free" for a while.  I have to take one class this summer and school begins on Aug. 17, so I'll enjoy what I have as much as possible. The great-nephew is spending the summer here, he la1nded a very nice job here, so that will be fun.  I'll enjoy having him and his friends around, and still plenty of quiet time during the day.  Should leave me lots of crafting time, I hope.

Wishing you all sunny weather, plenty of rain to make things grow and a great day!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Going Places

Hello again!  Just a note to share a card I made last week. It was received Friday night so I can share it now...

I used cutting files from SVGcutting that I have used before and mixed them with files from several other sources.  It all started with the hat.  I don't have any idea why the idea of a hat jumped into my mind, but I thought about a hat shaped card, then settled for this instead.  

I  really love the way the colors all came together.  Hope my friend liked it as well.

Thanks so much for looking!  Have a great day and enjoy the spring weather if you are lucky enough to have it.


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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello.  It's rainy and snowy today, typical in this part of Montana on the weekends in spring.  I wonder how it seems to know that the weekend is here?  The weather was beautiful all week, while I was stuck in my classroom...  To make it worse, there is a track meet today, ick!  The kids will freeze.

Well, I've managed quite a bit of wonderful time for crafting in the last couple of weeks.  I'm having a great time!  The first is a simple file from the Silhouette store.  I really love this card, simple but pretty.

I actually made several of these lip balm holders.  (Why did I forget to photograph one of the cuter ones?  I do not like the eyes here...)  This file is actually a sucker holder, In the end, I liked it better than the lip balm holders I had purchased.  Who knew?

And finally, from the LD Grow Old With Me collection, I did a print and cut on an Action Wobble for a friend's birthday!  I really love the way it turned out.  I added the star button in the corner.  When I cut the paper I placed the incorrectly and ended up with a notch in the corner.  So, had to cover it up, and truthfully I think the star worked very well.  Funny how that works out sometimes!

Well, hope you are having a beautiful spring day.  Smell a flower or take a walk in the sunshine!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday

I had the chance to play around with a new file from SVGcutting.  Lots of fun!  I love trying new things, and was extremely pleased with how easily this went together;  It made a great tube holder, though that was not its original purpose.  It also contained a gift card, so I placed a patterned paper behind the stripe openings.

Isn't that cute?  There is no bling except for a tiny bit on the flame and the flower.  Everything else is the patterned card stock I used,so this really was very simple.

Spring is here!  Birds chirping, allergy sneezes, heavy winds and a skiff of snow last night.  Notice I did not mention daffodils or tulips.  It's several weeks to early for them.  There's a little green grass peeking out, but very little.  Farmers are chomping at the bit, trying to get to planting.  They're growing field peas, which need to go in soon so that they can begin planting wheat and barley.  A few have been able to begin, but the fields are generally too wet still.  If the snow would go away the wind should take care of the moisture.  And if wishes were horses...  But Spring is here, and planting will get done, and we'll continue with the cycle of the seasons.  Thank goodness.

Hope you all enjoy a blessed Easter!  Or if not, a very happy Spring day!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Long Time No See...

Hello, friends!  I've taken a break from card making, but it seems that I'm back.  My enthusiasm level is MUCH higher than it was during the Autumn.   And I'm glad; this has been so much fun again!

I have a couple of Valentine's cards to share today.  I waited to post them until they had time to be delivered (I hope) so that I wasn't giving my surprise away.  Hope you enjoy them.

I used my Cameo to cut the openings for the hearts, then inlaid those made from  the opposite color on the cards on the left.  My first try at inlay, not perfect but not bad enough for anyone else to notice.  For the card on the right I made a base by covering a piece of cardstock with washi tape, fun and easy, then layered the cut top over it.  I added small heart stickers for dimension, there's a nice mix of the inlay and the puffy stickers, then added "love" cut on my Cameo.  Couldn't have been easier, and I like them more than any others I have made in years.  

I've been seeing lots of inlaid designs here and there in the blogs I read and I want to say thank you to the many designers who have spotlighted this technique.  I love trying the new things!!!

Oh, big changes here (how could I possibly forget!)  My great-nephew came to live with us in December.  He's going to be 18 in two weeks and will graduate on Memorial Day weekend, so that's easy enough.  However, he came with his grandfather (my brother-in-law) unexpectedly here for the duration, and every weekend is not only filled with his basketball games ( he is quite a player), but this mother, grandmother, sister, her friend, a girl-friend, and sometimes her mother.  There have also been aunts and cousins.  This weekend we have 5 extra people besides the 2 who are here all the time, a huge change from just the two of us alone!!!  And a bit of a problem for me, because I really enjoy (need?) down-time and quiet on the weekends.  While I am enjoying having the nephew and getting to be part of his life before he goes off to college, I'm also glad it is only for four more months.  Good thing I didn't think before suggesting that he stay with us for the rest of the year!!!

Hope your weekend is/was nice. We have great weather for once (64 yesterday, unbelievable for this time of year in northcentral Montana) and a three-day weekend!  Oh, joy!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!