More Favorite Places!

Just have to include these.  It'll be nice to be able to check the pictures every now and then when I need a dose of home and mountains!  Quick note, I did NOT take most of these, but owe a great debt to the many great photographers on the internet.

This is Ide Adobe State Historical Park, Red Bluff, California. California has a varied and colorful history, of which this is only a small piece.  The main reason I love this place is the oak tree, of which only a small portion can be seen in this photo (taken by me on my iPhone).  This old oak spreads over the entire homesite, including the house and several outbuildings.  The temperature difference on a hot day is amazing and the beauty of the twisted limbs always fascinates me.  Well worth the time to visit!

Dancing fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.  While I am totally opposed to the silliness of all that water used for entertainment in the middle of a desert, I can easily understand why it appeals to so many.  The movement of the water is amazing and the relief it provides in the heat is wonderful.

 Mt. Shasta, Siskiyou County, California.  I was born in Mt. Shasta City and lived there during my childhood.

 Edgewood Mercantile, Edgewood, California, founded 1888.  My grandparents, Ray and Sara Gaubatz, ran the store and lived in the apartment in the back for about 40 years.  What memories!

Miner Street, Yreka, California.  I graduated from high school in Yreka.

Stone Turnpike Highway Marker, Interstate 5, near Shasta Lake, California. The Stone's are my direct ancestors through one of my grandfathers (Willard Stone of Gazelle, CA).

Another view of Mt. Shasta.
Rattlesnake Creek, near Etna, CA in Siskiyou County.  My dad and I did a lot of hiking in various parts of the area.

More Shasta, sorry but I just cannot resist it.  Why try when it is so beautiful?


  1. Hi Sue! Was commenting on another blog when your name caught my attention. Not many ppl in the blog-world with Siskiyou in the name and I had to check it out. When I clicked on your pictures I thought I was looking out my door...I'm in Redding and my in-laws live in Shastina! Small world, huh? ;) Now I'm your newest follower!


  2. I also took a look because I wondered why Siskiyou. My ex mother-in-law lived in Redding so I am somewhat familiar with area. Montana is nice too! Where is Edgewood California?

    1. Hi. Edgewood is just north of Weed, off I5a short way. Pretty drive...


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