Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a week!  It has been COLD here, record setting, down to about 35 BELOW Thursday night, and then jumped up to about 20 above today.  That's a 50 degree difference in less than 48 hours.  Even for us that's pretty amazing!  I keep hearing that people are beginning to see signs of spring, but that's certainly not in Montana! 

No picture, still no camera batteries.  I spent my time today learning to make a simple card on the new Make-the-Cut software I bought almost 2 weeks ago.  I've been putting it off.  Once I bought it I decided I was afraid of it!  How silly. Don't know why I do that to myself.  Anyway, it was actually quite easy to make a basic cut using it, and I ended up with a cute card for a guy.  Maybe for my husband's birthday next month?  We'll see...  Tomorrow I'll try something a little more complicated.  I've been watching some videos and think I can take it a step farther.  It is still a little intimidating, though.I haven't been really out of town in a couple of weeks because of the weather.  A trip to Great Falls is beginning to look pretty good!  Anyway, I think I'll try to make another card tomorrow, or cut something, anyway.  I'll have to get my son to put new batteries in his camera and let me use it.  Mine used only a particular camera battery, who knew what a pain that would turn out to be! 

Meanwhile, baking ought to be nice tomorrow.  It should warm the house up nicely.