Sunday, March 17, 2013


This in not at all my usual style, but when I saw these cut files at I knew it was the perfect birthday card for a friend. It was surprisingly easy to cut and fun to put together. I think it will bring on some good memories and probably a few laughs.

Isn't that little tiny poodle great!  I remember having a poodle skirt, hand-me-down from a cousin, I'm old but not that old...  I loved wearing it, it was so much fun to twirl in!

The glitter paper is some cheap stuff that I picked up when I got my first Cricut.  It did not cut well then (perhaps I didn't know what I was doing), but it cut beautifully on my Cameo today.  I made the envelope also, from a pattern that came with the card.  It came out nicely.  The rest of the papers were other things that I've had laying around for a long time.  I'm trying not to buy more!

Now if I can convince my printer to talk to my computer and therefore my Cameo, I'm hoping to try a print and cut this week.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for looking! Have a nice week.


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Happy St. Pat's Day

Hello from snowy Montana! It was pretty wild here this morning with heavy snow and crazy winds. We didn't get as much storm as everywhere south of us and I understand that this is sliding east to cause others much more trouble. Good luck with it.

I made this car yesterday for a male friend who is in the hospital with pneumonia for the third time since Christmas. I was hoping it would cheer him up a bit. I used my Cameo and some beautiful patterned paper. The paper has a pearlized finish, very special.

I am entering this card in the Cameo Spotlight Challenge, a fun place to find some inspiration.

I hope those of you in the path of another winter storm make it through in good condition. And could the rest of you share a little Spring with us, please?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to Card Making

I have a quick card tonight, made from a digi that I had already colored. I am trying to get a supply colored so that I can make cards in a hurry when I need them. Anyway, this is a digi from A Day for Daisies, isn't it cute? I embossed the pink card with a border then added a ribbon to the white card. It needed more so I added some little white flowers that were originally part of a cheap bush I picked up. I added a pink pearl to the center of each. They are pretty and fit the feel of the card nicely!
Thanks for looking!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vacation? And an Award!

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted. I had not intended to neglect my blog for so long, you know how things get away from you sometimes? That has been my life lately. My long slide into lethargy has ended, however, with a bang. I just returned from spending a week with my daughter, an unexpected "vacation" after she fell down a flight of stairs.

On March first my DD was at a friend's house celebrating a friend's birthday. She decided it was time to go, and not having been in this home before, headed to what she thought was the bedroom to get her coat. The door was closed, so she asked the hostess (over shoulder) if this was the bedroom. The hostess, also over her shoulder said yes, DD opened the door and stepped into the stairwell! She landed in a heap at the bottom on the concrete of the basement floor... The hostess and 3 attendees were doctors (lucky, huh?) so she was well looked after. They got her to the hospital where she spent 2 nights. Of course the mommy (me) thought she had to be there to make sure everything was really okay, so my hubby and I jumped in the car and made the 13 hour drive to Portland. Unbelievable, DD had no really awful injuries! She fractured an eye socket and really banged up her forehead and cheeks, both sides. She skinned the top of one shoulder and sprained the wrist on the other side and bruised a knee. That was it! Isn't that truly a blessing? Hubby stayed to be sure she was okay then drove home, I stayed a full week to help out, she had quite a bit of vertigo at first, but she and I are both back at work.

So, a picture of DD right after the accident (notice the classy hospital gown!). Also note that she was able to take the picture herself! I had visions of every murder mystery I have ever read or watched (lots!) and in all of them, of course, the body at the bottom of the stairs was a corpse. Enough to really frighten a mother. So grateful this turned out so much better!

Thanks for visiting me. I promise to post a card in the next couple of days! Have a wonderful Spring week, sans snow if you are lucky...