Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Cards.

I saw a layout on a challenge a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to try. Unfortunately I didn't have time for it then, but I decided to try now anyway. It had 3 panels in the background with a focal point on top of them. I like the way the card turned out. The card is very simple but I still like it. The panels are plain cardstock that were run through my crimper. I think I'll try again with some more vibrant colors. I just do not really like these pastels. You've probably noticed that I love bright sunny colors.

Another weather note... It snowed again last night and didn't all melt off. My goodness, I won't complain, because this is just an irritation. And compared to the damage those tornadoes did in the south, well, not even worth noting. I hope we are all keeping those people in our prayers, along with those in Japan. Let us all remember how blessed we are!