Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm back crafting!!!

Well, not only am I back, but I am retired, and my time is my own...  I hardly know what to do with it all!  After teaching and being involved in my children's education for 40 years, this is a new experience.  Every day is Saturday, and I am loving it!!!

Anyway, here are two Thanksgiving cards I made with the monthly free collage sheet from GeckoGalz.  I'm very pleased with how they turned out!

Isn't that image sweet?  I used 3 ribbons that came together on a reel, how convenient was that! They are fastened together with copper wire which is threaded through the wooden flower and coiled to make a center.

The second image is even sweeter, isn't it?  The card is not so embellished, but the ribbons are woven together to create an interesting knot.

Thanks for looking!  Hope we can all find plenty of time for crafting without becoming stressed in this holiday season.


Friday, April 15, 2016

You Old Goat

Love this file from PPPR!  I was so glad to have an excuse to use it, my brother-in-law's 70th birthday.

Isn't it great?  I did leave off the final layer for the face, decided I liked it  just the way it was.  Here's the inside:

Thanks for looking!