Sunday, March 27, 2011

Many thanks to LeeLou Blog Layouts for my FREE new design.  It was FREE, did I say that already?  Their generosity is great.

I've had a busy day.  We bought a new freezer which (I think I already said) has been sitting in my kitchen since yesterday afternoon.  It is now in its new home.  Unfortunately, everything that used to be in that space is now in my living room.  Need I say more?  Chaos...

I did manage to get some crafting in, but not quite what I had expected.  Will get a little more time tonight before bed, but it will probably be next weekend before I get more time.  This is report card week!  In addition to the usual report cards, special education also issues progress reports on all goals and objectives for each student.  This is more paperwork, obviously.  The week ends with Parent-Teacher conferences after school on Thursday (4-7) and on Friday morning (8:30-11:30).  I really do enjoy meeting with parents.  I'd much rather talk face to face than to try to put everything into one little grade on the report card!  Anyway, it'll be a busy week.

So here are the projects I'm working on, 2 easel cards, one that I printed out (first time I layered one digi on another) and one I'm coloring.  Oh, there are some things I'm cutting out that I didn't include in this picture.  Anyway, lots of little things for any time I find free.  Hope it works!

Hope you all enjoy the week!  I suspect many of you have spring already, but we're having a snow shower again tonight.  Wonder if it'll be like that last shower that dropped 6 inches!  Oh, woe!!!

Happy Spring!