Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Week Gone

I haven't accomplished much since we got home from vacation!  I am glad to say that it has stayed warm, even hot here.  We are all greatful that it hasn't cooled down again.  We are really lucky here in that it does stay quite cool at night most of the time.  If you can sleep you can handle almost anything.  

I wish I has been sleeping instead of wandering through a dark house last night!  I stubbed my toe, maybe even broke it.  It's quite sore, swollen and purple!   And tomorrow I am driving to Gt. Falls for a doctor visit (the wrong kind for broken toes, I'm afraid).  I hope I can manage it, of course it was my driving foot!

I had a great time making this card.  I used a  notecard (the dotted background) from a set that I got at Marshall's in Portland.  All those colors really rev up my imagination!  I wanted to add some Stickles, but don't know where they are.  I put them somewhere different since I was taking my craft supply carrier with me in the car.  And of course I can't find them...  it must have been someplace I thought was logical and obvious!  That's me all the way.

Thanks for listening to my rambles.  I have another card to post tomorrow or the next day.  Have a great week!