Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Birthdays

Hello and Merry Christmas!  Can you believe it's less than a week away?  What a rush we've had lately.  I've had a good time crafting, but haven't actually finished much.  And it looks like that trend will continue for a couple of more weeks, at least.  We're leaving as quickly as possible after school gets out tomorrow to spend a week with our daughter in Portland, Oregon.  I'm a little excited!  Unfortunately our son is unable to go but we'll visit him on the way out (tomorrow night) and again on the way back.  Now if the weather will only cooperate...

This family was not content with having Christmas in December, but we decided to add three birthdays also.  If we did it over, well...  Two of the birthdays are on the 22nd, my niece and my daughter.  They're exactly a year apart, which was really exciting in the beginning, but doesn't seem so important now.  The niece lives in New Jersey, so we don't get to see her.  This is where I have learned to appreciate Facebook.  She keeps us supplied with pictures of her so cute kids, what a treat! 

The first card is the first cut I've made off my newest cartridge, All Wrapped Up. 
 Isn't that a good card for a guy?  It's for my brother-in-law, the new English/Writing teacher.

 And here are the cards for the girls.  The digis are from Karber stamps.  When I saw them last week I knew that I had to have them; they are just perfect for for these birthdays.

Now aren't I right?  These are perfect!  My daughter is quite a shopper, my niece is quite a knitter. 

Well, I should get busy and get my clothes packed.  Or maybe I should plan on doing a lot of shopping when I get there.  NOT!  Have a wonderfully blessed holiday.