Friday, February 10, 2012

Something Different Today

The virtual run will be on Saturday, February 11 at 9 a.m. MST.

Today I am deviating from my usual post to spread the word (I hope) about an event that is happening tomorrow.  Sherry Arnold, the woman for whom the event is being held, was a teacher in Sidney, Montana where I taught for several years back in the 80's.  I didn't know Sherry, but as a teacher and as an ex-resident of Sidney I can certainly feel for her and her family.  For those who are unaware of what has happened, in January Sherry went for a morning run as she usually did, and disappeared.  Sidney is right in the heart of the "Bakken" oil boom area.  When we lived the the area it was a wonderful place to live and raise children.  Now there are strangers everywhere (no, I do not have anything against strangers in general, just in large masses like this).  The oil companies have brought in workers from everywhere and have told them  not to bring their families because this boom won't last more than a few years.  Consequently every motel is full, every apartment is full and renting for $1000 or more (compared to $350 in 1984 for a 3 bedroom townhouse), and every bare spot of land is covered by what they euphemistically call "man camps."  That's nothing more than a collection of small trailers that house as many men as there are beds, and are set within 10 or 15 feet of each other to maximize the body count per acre.  I cannot imagine how anyone feels safe any more.  Last year, in Watford City, North Dakota (just 50 miles away from Sidney), there was ( and still may be) a man camp on the perimeter of the elementary school and park.  Yup, you can easily guess; a paroled pedophile was living in one of the trailers.  Now, I have nothing against that man earning a living, but to house him anywhere near a school is immoral and also unfair to him.  If he is trying to stay clean, the proximity to children cannot be anything less than a major temptation.  This is no way for anyone to exist, and the oil companies should be ashamed!  They feel no responsibility for the effect they have on people but are only interested in the profit they can take out of an area.

So, I'll quit ranting and I hope you will forgive me.  You can see that I feel strongly about this. I would invite you to read the following excerpt about the Saturday event, and if you can to stop and give some thought to all those who endure terrifying things, and for the families that are left behind.  Thank you for bearing with me.

The website for the run is:  Shut Up + Run
The virtual run will be on Saturday, February 11 at 9 a.m. MST.
  • Mark your calendars
  • Print out a running bib and pin it to your shirt
  • Gather your friends, your running club members, your families
  • If it’s wet where you are, “laminate” your bib with postage tape and punch holes in it
  • If that time doesn’t work, go when you can
  • GO. Run as far and as long as you want. Walk, hike, cycle, rollerblade if you don’t want to or can’t run.
My goal is to get the MOST love, momentum and energy moving in honor of Sherry. This run symbolizes the beginning if healing and honors a woman who was courageous, strong and loved by so many.
For those of us in the Denver/Boulder/Longmont area I will be organizing a group run at the Boulder Reservoir that morning. I hope we can get a huge clan together and make the earth MOVE!! Stay tuned.