Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lovely Easter Sunday

Today turned into a very nice day, even though I started out not feeling well, my husband had to work, and my son wanted to watch movies all day. I have begun to feel better, the outside temperature reached 55 degrees (there was someone in the neighborhood mowing his lawn) and my son cooked Easter dinner for me. He's actually a good cook, took a course in culinary arts, but decided he did not want to cook for a living. He will make some girl a wonderful husband if he ever finds one. After dinner my husband went back to work (split shift on weekends, 2 hours in the evening), and I went up to the craft room.

With thanks to Enfys for her blog candy, a Graduation cartridge, I have finished one more graduation card, and cut parts for all the rest. The girl this is for collects ducks, so I thought this was too good to pass up. Isn't he cute? The senriment and the cap are from the graduation cart., the duck is from an MTC file, and the 2011 (hard to see, I realize now) is my first use of stickles. I will be using them on the rest of my cards, also, unless I run out. I am making 5, but it is entirely possible there will be more to give before I'm done. That's a hazard of working in a high school. Next year will be much busier, however, since I'm a sponsor for that class. Not a huge class (though fairly large for us), about 17 students, so I will have to start much sooner.

I have one more day off... I started a couple of wedding cards this evening also (I need 3 of them in May for sure), so between graduation and weddings I know what I'll be doing!

Have a great week!

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