Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More from my old stash!

Wow, more old stuff! This was fun to find, stickers instead of the fancier things we buy now. The bears are part of a set, I don't know who made them. In the early 90's I subscribed to a one kit a month club, and obviously didn't use everything up. I'm having fun with then now. I did have to print the question mark on my computer, though. This is for one of our school secretaries, and says (on the sign the lower bear is holding) What would I do without you? Let me tell you, that's for real. School secretaries are often the glue that keeps things together. So, while this is a simple, quick card, it carries lots of feeling with it.


  1. I think that "simple" sometimes makes the biggest statement, don't you?? I love the little bears - so cute!

  2. heyyyy love your blog, wanted to let u know if u like paper piecings pls come check out SCRAPS FOR LIFE on facebook fanpage --- we are so new we are trying to get the name out- and i saw somewhere you were new to paper piecings so i thought id drop by and let u know about us-- thanks

  3. Those bears are so cute , found your blog through Shirley Anne and thought I would pop over to have a look and join as a follower. I must look in my cupboards as I've got lots of things from when I first started too. I see you also use Make It Monday, hope to see some of your cards there as well!

  4. Very cute, Sue! Thx for sharing with us at Make It Monday!

    Mary J x

  5. wow...cute card!!! Those teddy bears are looking beautiful and cute. Really great card.I'm new to this blog and this is great to visit this blog. Thanks for this great post.


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