Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sympathy Card

 Good morning, I hope?  I understand that Sandy has stalled, so will be continuing to wreak havoc on many today.  I hope you are all holding out warm and dry and that any damage to your homes is minimal.  I’m worrying about my niece in New Jersey.  At least living in a high rise should mean that she stays dry! (and please don't tall me if I'm wrong about that...)

I know that we all think that sympathy cards are the hardest to make, but when I realized that I needed a card for the family of a long-time friend, this came immediately to mind.  This man loved and raised horses, and I knew this was perfect for him.  He would have loved this picture.

I have lost the name of the digi artist who drew this wonderful horse.  I’m sorry, I would really love to give her credit.  I thought I knew who it was, but couldn’t locate the picture on her blog or anywhere else.  If you can help, please do.  I’d like to thank her again.  (I should add that that's not a crease in the bottom corner, but a reflection, sorry.)

I used a lovely Kraft paper to print the image on, and the base is a lighter shade of Kraft.  I decided on no embellishments, I think the image is enough.  I did make another version on white.  I think I'll add a touch of color to the horse on that one and perhaps some jute twine.  We'll see.

It is a warm morning here in Montana, very welcome after two weeks of freezing weather.  The weather person is predicting a temp in the mid-50's today, which should do wonders for melting off the 3 or 4 inches of snow that are still on the ground.  My cat spent the night outdoors and after eating went right back out this morning.  He hasn't stirred outside in the last two weeks!  I think he's probably a better predictor of weather than the weatherperson, lol!  Anyway, this cold spell almost made me think I was living in North Dakota again, where the cold and snow begin in October and don't leave until April.  Can't say that I miss that!

My prayers are with everyone in the east or mid-west today.

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  1. This is a wonderful card even though the occasion is so sad. Such a lovely tribute to the man.

  2. What a wonderful card. I always find Sympathy cards the hardest to make and you have made it look really easy.

  3. Stunning card sweetie!
    Thanks for visiting my little blog today!
    Hugs xx Cara xx

  4. Beautiful image for a sympathy card. I'm sure his family will appreciate that you handmade a card for them.


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