Monday, August 19, 2013

Time Flies!!!

Bet you had already noticed that time flies. Silly me, I thought that when my children were grown time would slow down a bit.  Wrong again!  Today is my first day back at school.  Am I ready?  Ha!  Surely you jest??  Seems like I got about half of my projects started, about half of those finished.  Too much to do!  And too much time away from home, though I am not complaining about that.  We purchased a new/used fifth wheel camper and spent as much time as possible in Glacier Park again this year.  It was wonderful.

But enough, card-making is why I am here!  Time for another sympathy card...  Seems like that's all I make sometimes.  This one uses a flower digi from Floppy Latte, some Stickles and ink, not much else.  I used the pre-colored digi in the interest of time and because I love that color.  I will make a couple more like this to keep on hand. Maybe if I have them ready I won't need so many (4 this summer!).

Had to make an envelope, and I love that it has those pretty swirls on it.  I have had that paper for ever, this was the last piece.  I remember that my hubby bought it for me shortly after I fell in love with card making, but I have no idea what brand it was, I'm sorry.  I'd buy more if I ever saw it again!

Now, something totally different to share with you.  Have you ever seen a Yellow Zucchini?  My friend gave me some and I am swooning over the color!  Such a beautiful golden yellow!

They are not Summer Squash, as you can tell from the shape.  I grated them up though I hated to because they looked lovely laying on my kitchen counter.  They are even beautiful grated in the bowl!

I wonder whether they will look that beautiful when I pull them out of the freezer to bake or cook with this winter?  It will be interesting to see!

Thanks for checking my ramblings out.  I'd appreciate any comment you might choose to leave.  Have a lovely day and a wonderful end to your summer!

Siskiyou Sue (Sis-Q-Sue)


  1. Very pretty card! And that squash is sure a cheerful yellow. I just wanted to let you know that you won my contest over at Finding Time To Create. Please email me your mailing address so I can send you something fun to play with. :)

  2. Hi Sue! You really picked some lovely purples for your pretty irises and the delicate ribbon is such a pretty finish to the card. I've never seen yellow zucchini but it sure does look pretty. I could eat my weight in zucchini bread. :-) Thanks so much for the wonderful postcards you sent. I'm thrilled to be able to include them in my album. Hugs!

  3. Yellow zucchini rocks! I always like to get some 'odd' veggies to get the kids eating more. Their favourite is a type of 'green bean' that's purple off the vine, and turns green when you cook it. They call them magic beans :)
    I think that sympathy card is beautiful - purple seems a perfect colour to use. And making them ahead - maybe it will act like a preventative & you won't need them for a while. We can hope :)

  4. Very pretty card, love Iris, they are a favorite flower of mine! I grew the same squash this is so good, and it grew better then the green this year!! I have visited Glacier National Park over 20 years ago (on a two week motorcycle trip) and still to this day can't stop talking about how beautiful it is!!

  5. Hello Sue. Beautiful sympathy card! Just wanted to stop by and let you know I didn't get a response from the first name I drew for the blog hop. So I just did a re-draw and YOU WON!! email me at by tuesday night. Have a great day!

  6. Gorgeous Sympathy card! Those iris's are just stunning! Your zucchini looks just delish!! I will have to try it! TFS

  7. Beautiful card! Love zucchini squash both yellow and green :)

  8. Hi sue, thanks for your comments,,,,,,,my friend,,,,,,love your purple tones on your card,,,,and the colorful ribbon,,,,Feeel free to ask me your favorite product from all my stuff for free,,,, I´ll send you a direct link.


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